Facebook has become one of the main ways in which woodland news is publicised. There is a Century Wood Facebook page which you can follow to get updates about the wood and other forestry news and events.

We also run three Facebook groups:

  • Woodlanders – “For people involved in Britain’s woodlands, such as wood owners, Forest Schools, coppice workers, foresters, charcoal makers, and bodgers. Topics include: woodscraft, woodland management, forestry policy, reforesting, education, woodland renaturing and rewilding.”
  • UK Woodland Owners – “For current owners of woodlands in the United Kingdom. A place to discuss the practicalities, benefits, and joys of woodland ownership with people in the same position.”
  • Hutters – “Huts, cabins, sheds, and chalets. Both modern day initiatives like Scottish Hutting, and historical movements like the plotlands. This group complements the Hutters blog: https://hutters.uk

Please come and join us!