Storm Alex in the log cabin

I’d planned to spend most of the weekend at Century Wood before the warnings about Storm Alex started, and after a close look at the forecasts I went ahead. Despite 18 hours of continuous rain, the overnight stay was comfortable and I got a lot done on Sunday which was dry.

I made this quick video of the rain when I arrived on Saturday afternoon. It was basically like that until about 9am on Sunday. I got some firewood from the log store, fired up the wood stove, and unpacked the car.

This is how the cabin looked inside before I set the camp bed up. Sunset was just before 7pm and I use a gas lantern in the evenings. The rain was with me all night, but only about 4cm fell in all. That’s half of October’s normal rainfall in Shropshire in one night, but it wasn’t heavy – nothing like the rain in France where people have died, or even this downpour at the wood from a few years ago:

As forecast, the winds weren’t very high in Shropshire, and I cleared taller trees that could fall on the Cabin before it was built a decade ago.

On Sunday morning the rain petered out after breakfast time, and I got on with preparations for this winter’s collection of firewood.

On my way out, I photographed the water level in the drainage ditch and it had hardly budged since Saturday. Again, nothing like the floods I blogged about last year.

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  1. Awesome I would love this experience and find it’s me all over I want to b able to just sit relax read and enjoy listening to the wild life and birds 🦢

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